Complimentary Case Study
Emprise Bank Empowers Consumers with a Robust and Personalized Digital Experience
Read our exclusive customer success story with Emprise Bank, a dynamic $2.5 billion financial institution nestled in Wichita, Kansas. In 2021, Emprise Bank embarked on a transformative journey to find a new digital banking platform. Their existing platform faced limitations, hindering the integration of innovative features essential for a robust digital banking experience. With specific objectives in mind, Emprise Bank aimed to offer a mobile-first banking experience, increase internal efficiency, boost customer engagement with financial tools, and align with partners sharing their values.
Discover how Emprise Bank was able to achieve these goals and much more.

In this study, you'll explore:

  • How Tyfone collaborated with Emprise Bank to deliver a mobile-first digital banking experience that works on any device and screen. 
  • How Emprise Bank streamlined internal operations by leveraging the nFinia’s powerful automation and self-service capabilities, resulting in a 30% call center volume reduction, 3x Emprise’s goal. 
  • How account holder engagement with financial tools skyrocketed from 19.2% to an incredible 56%. 
  • How Emprise Bank boosted digital enrollment, adding over 10,000 users with an average of 19 monthly logins per user. 
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